Foreclosure Attorney In Miami

It is certainly frightening to know that Florida has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the United States. Especially many people need a good foreclosure attorney in Miami  or near it. If you are facing foreclosure already, you are not alone in this critical market condition. Listed below are the circumstances that might have led you to this vicious cycle of mortgage property:

  • Foreclosure Attorney In MiamiYour futuristic vision might have failed you. While you had expected your current home to appreciate in terms of value, it might have been stagnant for a while or even dropped than the original cost.
  • Due to recession and its consequences, you might have lost your job and mortgage payments might not be the only thing on your mind right now.
  • There could be a medical crisis in the family and your finances are topsy-turvy at the moment.
  • You may have invested in a second or third property and paying off the first property mortgage might seem difficult for you at the moment.

You could be facing all this and more but there are options to fight foreclosure in Florida. Here is how you could do it.

Everything needs to be documented

There is a fair chance that your property could be sold to another mortgager who later sells it to yet another company. In the midst of these ownership hands being exchanged, there is a possibility that documentation has gone amiss. So the final owner who is likely to sue you for staying behind in the payments might not even be able to prove your debt. Instead of walking away from your property right away, take a proper look at the documents.

Rewriting the terms and conditions

It is not impossible to make a foreclosure file null and void if you can settle your case with your mortgage owner outside the court. Once the case is dismissed, you can request for a modification of the loan tenure as per your convenience. You can also get the terms and conditions rewritten in your favor.

When you are running late

When you fall behind on the mortgage payment schedule, it is likely that your case is already being processed for litigation. Once the case is filed, there is no looking back and there are no chances of renegotiation of any sort. You will be given a span of twenty days to respond to the complaint, failing which; a default judgment will be passed against you.

This is why it is so important to hire a Florida foreclosure attorney or foreclosure attorney in Miami to handle and respond to the complaints within the stipulated time period. Once this is taken care of, you will be in a stronger position to defend your cause.

What can a Florida foreclosure attorney do?

Florida foreclosure attorneySince your lender might not accept payments after the case is filed against you, you could be in a position where you are asked to vacate the house. However, having a Florida Foreclosure Attorney will help you to know and use your rights in your favor. Until the case comes to a closure and the judgment is passed against you, you have the right to retain your property and to stay in it.

Defenses you never knew of

In most of the foreclosure cases in Florida, there are defenses that the property holder might not be aware of. If the collection laws have been violated by the lender or he had failed to provide you with a proper disclosure, then you are clearly entitled to damages. These factors can be easily identified by a foreclosure attorney when they assess your case.

What should you do?

Instead of procrastination, you should get in touch with a foreclosure attorney in Miami right away. Falling behind on your mortgage payments might mean trouble but in most of the cases, you could avoid bankruptcy altogether. All you need to do is hire our foreclosure attorney and let him examine your case properly.

We take pride in the fact that our attorneys are friendly yet professional in their approach. Contact A Foreclosure Attorney In MiamiTheir aim is to take over from the point where you seem to have given up hope. While you would otherwise consider consequences like needing to vacate the home right away, going bankrupt or borrowing more money from elsewhere, we give you feasible and safe solutions.

Our foreclosure attorney in Miami will discuss several options with you and you are free to pick your choice from all of them. There are cases in which bankruptcy is the only resort to retain the house. We also have Florida bankruptcy attorneys to guide you accordingly. He will be better placed to let you know whether your case needs this last resort or not. You should remember that foreclosure defense cases might not be the same as Foreclosure bankruptcy cases.

In order to receive personalized and tailor-made solutions for your property issues, get in touch with our expert team of financial advisors and schedule an appointment right away!